4343 Marconi Ave. #2
Sacramento, CA 95821
(916) 769-5016

Store Hours:

Mon-Thu- 10am-5pm
Fri: 10am-5pm
Sat: 8am-12pm
Sun: Closed

Sacramento Radio Expo Services

Sacramento Radio Expo provides full-service restoration of all radios – vintage tube radios, modern digital shortwave, FM/AM multiband radios, Ham Radio Equipment, and Stereophonic Equipment.

The shop stocks all vintage vacuum tubes, transistors, capacitors, resistors, and all documentation necessary to restore and repair these radios and restore them to original condition.

SRE has three tech benches set up with the latest and some of the best test equipment available from signal generators to oscilloscopes. Each bench has a professional communications receiver on it to allow comparison of the repaired product with the very best available radios.

SRE prides itself in having the most complete library of schematics and service documentation available for all radios manufactured from the early 1900’s to present day. Several complete sets of the Riders manuals, Supreme Manuals, and Sams photofacts folders are present in the library here at SRE. In addition, many three ring binders of early manufacturer’s documents are available along with high speed laser copying and printing capabilities.