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Sacramento Radio Expo Museum

The Museum section of this web site will be continually updated as the radios that will be on display there will constantly be changing. Doug Wilner has a personal collection of over 1000 vintage radios – most have been restored to new condition if needed. Some of the more exotic and collectible of these radios have been left un-restored so as not to degrade the value of the radio. The Sacramento Radio Expo will be showing only the best and most pristine of these radios on this web site. If you are interested in seeing any specific radio that is not currently being shown on this site, then please email us a question, or stop by the shop during store hours, and let us know the specific radio you wish to see.

Sacramento Radio Expo specializes in several specific radio types for its museum collection. These are the Regency TR-1 (the first commercial transistor radio sold in the world), battery operated radios from the 1910-1926 time frame, shortwave radios (both tube and transistor), and ham radio equipment from the 1930’s through the 1980’s. At the present time SRE has over 40 Regency TR-1 radios in pristine condition. There are early De Forest radios, Atwater Kent Breadboards, FADA Catalin radios, early Sony and Toshiba transistor radios to name just a few.

Sacramento Radio Expo Museum Gallery

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