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Welcome to the Sacramento Radio Expo!

Sacramento Radio Expo is your one stop location for all things pertaining to Vintage, Collectible, Shortwave, Amateur (Ham) Radio Equipment, Classic Stereophonic, and Vintage Car Radios (1930s through the 1960s). We specialize in the sale, restoration, and repair of radios from the 1920s – 1990s. The owner of the shop has over 40 years of experience in designing, repairing, and restoring of radios of all kinds (AM vintage radios, Shortwave radios, Ham Radio Equipment, and Stereophonic Equipment).

Sacramento Radio ExpoCome visit our new store location and browse through the showroom of restored vintage radios, portable shortwave radios, professional communications radios and Ham Radio Equipment. Take the time to browse through our hundreds and hundreds of vintage radio magazines while in the store as well.

We buy and sell radios, ham radio equipment, and stereo equipment. There are no charges for repair or restoration estimates, and our work is warranted.

If you need to test some vacuum tubes, come into our shop and the owner will gladly help you out in testing any type of vacuum tube imaginable.

Vintage and Collectible Radios

Shortwave Radios

Audiophile and Stereophonic Equipment
Repair and Restoration

Ham Radio Equipment

Vintage Car Radios
(1930s – 1960s)